The following are the general terms and conditions for the use of the services of Catalyst Studios:


Hire of Rehearsal Rooms

.  Sessions to be paid for in advance.
.  Damages and breakages will charged for.
.  Smoking is not allowed in the studios.

Hire of PA Equipment

.  Instruction is available in the use of the equipment
.  If instruction is declined then this is an expression of competency on the part of the customer.
.  Damage arising from misuse will be charged.

Hire of Lockers

.  It is not possible for us to insure the contents of the lockers.
.  Lockers must be paid for a week in advance.
.  If a debt is left to accrue on a locker then after 3 months we reserve the right to hold onto equipment until the debt is cleared.


.  The possession and taking of drugs is strictly forbidden.
.  To comply with fire regulations we are obliged to know how many people are on the premises at all times.
.  Details of the fire alarm system and the evacuation procedures are displayed in each studio and in the public areas.
.  If a session is terminated as a result of the breaking of these terms and conditions then the fee is non refundable.


We aim to provide a professional service in a quality environment.

Please assist in this by respecting the premises.