Mixing Console

32 Channel Solid State Logic Inline Recording Console.

Nicked from the SSL website :

The legendary SSL consoles of the 70s and 80s helped define studio production. ORIGIN takes these principles and combines them with a modern feature-set that bridges the gap between digital production and analogue console workflow.

A purely analogue inline design, with 16 buses, E-Series EQ and classic Bus Compressor, ORIGIN breathes new life into a design classic across the whole console. The new PureDriveā„¢ mic pre inherits the clarity and purity of previous SSL Mic Pre designs, switching character to a warm, harmonically-rich and driven tone that varies with mic pre gain.

The new mix bus and mix amp architecture delivers an amazingly-low noise floor along with huge headroom. The result is a mix bus that retains the classic SSL sound, whilst bringing the breadth and space to mixes that engineers and producers love from analogue summing.

Balanced insert points per channel path (both large and small fader), dedicated channel direct outputs, stem-ready 0dB fader bypass switches, plus a new configurable centre section, make ORIGIN an ideal way of adding console workflow to a modern production studio.


Genelec 8050

KRK Rockit 6
Yamaha NS10M




Apollo X16 I/O interface (x2)

Apple Power Mac Mini M1


Mic Amps

Neve 1073 DPA

Amek Purepath CIB (x2)
Calrec PQ1397 Preamp with Eq (x2)

Calrec PQ1253 Preamp with Eq (x6)

TL Audio C1



Neumann TLM67                                      Peluso 2247LE 
AKG 414b-uls (x2)                                    AKG D12  (vintage kick drum mic)
Sennheiser MD421 (x4)                        Electrovoice RE20
Coles 4038 Ribbon Mic (x2)                Rode NT2

AKG C3000 (x2)                                        Shure SM57 (x4)

Shure Beta 56 (x3)                                    AKG D112 (x3)

                                                                        AKG SE300B



Outboard & FX

Neve 33609JD                                                       Zoom 1201
Lexicon PCM91                                                      Calrec CL1288 (x4)
Lexicon PCM81                                                      Drawmer DL221 (x2)

Lexicon MPX1                                                          Drawmer DL441

Tegeler Creme                                                         BSS DPR402 (x2)
Yamaha SPX990 (x2)                                            BSS DPR404
                                                                        Yamaha SPX2000                                                  EMU Proteus 2000

                                                                         TL Audio C1                                                             Klark Teknik 76-KT (x2)

                                                                         Klark Teknik KT2A (x2)



Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Peavey Bandit 112
2x12 Harley Benton Vintage Cabs (x2)
Pearl Exr Export Drum Kit